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Acrylic paint on canvas

Girl with sunglasses Girl under a palm tree 170 Face of a dancer 171 Laughing girl 175 Andalusian girl 176 Woman embracing flowers 177 Woman with black hair 179 Tunas in the fishing net 180 Table with chair and water melons 181 Red-haired woman with sunflower 182 Woman embraces the calla lilies 183 Water lilies with Japanese bridge 184 View on Rio de Janeiro 185 A dozen sunflowers 186 Red guitar 187 Flowering field 188 Blossoming cherry tree 189 Window with a bunch of flowers 190 Japanese woman 191 Model in front of the artist
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Since the beginning of my work as artist I was focused on sculptures made by objects of daily use, which were either made as a free-standing sculpture or fixed as a sculpture on a wooden table. Seldom examples of pure paintings are the aquarelles of Málaga from the beginning period, the 4 aquarelles with impressions from the holiday journey in Turkey plus some illustrations of books about the travels at this time.

During the last years I noticed the wish to paint sometimes on canvas. I never did it before. This artistically experience I didn’t want to miss. A generously birthday present of my Mother provided me with 24 canvas. 12 of them in the small size of 80 x 60 cm, 12 of them in the large size of 120 x 80 cm. Additionally acrylic painting in the basic colours blue, red, yellow, green plus white and black as well as palette knives and paintbrushes.
For these 24 paintings I choose known motifs from my own collection, which I painted then in an acrylic painting version. So I developed interpretations of my own art works and, if they were already interpretations of art works of famous artists, arise interpretations of interpretations. Of course this was an unusual way approaching on canvas artists like Picasso, Monet, Gauguin und van Gogh.