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20 famous paintings

Bathers Watermelons on the table Two women on Tahiti beach Nude woman with calla lilies Sunflowers The raven and the parrot make a good match Water lilies Guitar Brown guitar Yellow, red, blue Owl on the chair Bunch of flowers at the window Blue horses Poppies and sunflowers The artist and his model Red-haired woman Three sisters Blonde girl Nude woman Dressed woman
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The re-interpretation of works of art is by no means a new concept. All the great painters have painted their "own" bathers using inspiration from one of the greats. Take Sandro Botticelli, Peter Paul Rubens and Antonio Canova, for example: all these artists have produced incredible versions of "The three graces" in their own unique styles. Even in the music industry, cover versions have seen a very similar tradition; how many versions of "I Put a Spell on You" or The Beatles' "Yesterday" can you name?
Embracing this tradition,I decided to embark on a project which involved producing twenty famous paintings by well-known artists in my own style, a mixture of painting and sculpture. The guitar that I had found left out waiting to be taken to the rubbish tip was ideal for creating Diego Rivera's "Woman with calla lilies", and this, along with the Paul Gauguin-inspired "Two women on Tahiti beach", became the first two pieces in the "20 famous paintings" project.
This is also how the interpretations of Vincent van Gogh's "Sunflowers" and Claude Monet's "Water lilies" came into being, not to mention Cubist works based on Georges Braque's "Guitar", for which I carefully sawed a guitar into individual pieces. "The artist and his model" was produced in homage to the artist who has had the greatest influence on my work – Pablo Picasso.