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Art education at a Munich primary school

First we look on my art works Then we distribute the objects to the 4 boards Here we fix the hairs Following the eyelashes, nose and the mouth Gradually the artwork gets a face The 4 artworks are already recognizable Now comes the colour. Everybody may paint. The face will be painted yellow. The sky will be painted blue. The 4 artworks are close to ready The artworks will be signed by the children Group 1: Man with yellow face Group 2: Woman with yellow flower Group 3: Woman with yellow face Group 4: Woman with green face The yellow flower in the hair Details of the woman with green face Feedback from the young artists Everybody gets also a catalogue Signed with personal dedication
Diashow    Diashow anhalten    blaettern nach rechts    rüwärts blättern

The art of working with objects and seeing them in a new light is something that really appeals to children. It would often be the children viewing my creations that were able to name the component objects without a second thought, sometimes taking mischievous delight in doing so. A haircut made of a brush here, a straw-hat face there. Children's imaginations are really free to run wild once their ability to look at objects in a new way has been awakened. It was precisely this imagination that was the subject of my art morning, which I was invited to host by the Munich-Neuperlach primary school for forty children aged between 9 and 10. In terms of the schedule, I planned for us to work in four groups and create one piece of art per group, so I provided four boards and a wide range of different objects such as brushes, sieves, mortars, raffia flowers and cake tins to produce each piece.

The children had already been learning about my style of art, so after a short introduction, we looked at the objects together and formed rough ideas of what we wanted to use. The next stage was one that the children were very keen to start, and involved fixing the objects in place using screws or by threading a fine thread through holes in the board. The children then spent the final hour painting their creations and at the end of the session, each of them received a signed copy of my catalogue.